Trail Etiquette

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Trail Etiquette

(Safety first)

Equestrians are responsible for their animal’s safe control at all times.

On yourself, carry a cellphone, ID, emergency info.

In a group, keep the pace to the lowest pace requested.

To an oncoming rider and horse, speak in a friendly, relaxed tone.

On a narrow pass, the more able rider and horse move off the trail, and let the horse quarter turn to face the passing group.

On a trail, keep talking low; shouting is for alarm.

Bikers stop, speak and wait for rider consent to pass.

Bikers should not bike up to a horse and rider.

Hikers step aside on a trail, stay visible and speak in a friendly, relaxed tone.

Be considerate of others, of the trails, of nature. Tread gently.

Thank trail users who are considerate of you. Respect their trail use.